Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | And so the adventure begins


You know, even for an optimist, staying well… optimistic when things are hard is well… hard. We’re inclined to resist change, especially changes which aren’t pleasant or fun. I mean, if resisting the changes we don’t want to happen actually results in a different result, maybe resistance is not futile, but I’m thinking mostly, overall, resisting change is probably not worthwhile.

So once we stop resisting change, what then? Well, then we have to go through all the shit stuff in order to come out the other side. We have to try to think of it as ‘the adventure begins’ even when we feel small and defenseless.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Take Heart
Pose | STIFF POSE Pose Croft 01 (STIFF POSE Mainstore)
Hair | *Besom – Bayside Hair Blondes HUD (Uber, 25 Mar – 23 Apr)
Bodysuit | Blueberry Lida Bodysuit (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Boots | Blueberry Celia Boots – Flat & Heeled versions [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Shoetopia, 25 Mar – 8 Apr)


Are you just sitting there with a pocketful of linden dollars, hoping somebody is going to lead you astray? Good. Cus I got places you need to be. Besom’s new hair – Bayside – is available right now at Uber. You can get it in various colour HUDs with a selection of hair shades within each HUD.

Blueberry have released their Celia boots to a rapturous reception and you can find them at Shoetopia. Although the heeled boots are totally lovely and elegant, I couldn’t help being drawn to the flat version which are to die for, really. You don’t have to choose! Pop over to Shoetopia and get yourself some.

Here’s some more pics including a well lit no shit shot.

And finally, a jigging for the rigging video. Cus we all need to shake it off and out and up and down sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | And so the adventure begins

  1. I find change quite hard sometimes and other times I’m really longing for it. I like the changes of season best. What I don’t like is when friends change because they have “moved on” or actually passed on. So it’s a capricious thing, is change, and there are no rules to make it any the other. *hhuuggsss*

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