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Being selfish is an undesirable trait. There’s no real defence for it, but being good to yourself and putting yourself first sometimes is necessary. I pride myself on my ability to pull myself up by my bootstraps and today that’s what I’m doing. Saying ‘schtaaaaaaaaap, I need some respite’ is okay. Letting other people know you’re finding things hard is okay and allowing those who care about you give you support is okay too.

I’m not talking about any one thing here. You all know how it is, life is hard sometimes and you have to get through it with as much grace and sense as you can, while not allowing yourself to be pulled under by other people.

This is one of my primary reasons for not getting into SL drama – and while people have commented that there is no drama at our club (a miracle as any regular SL clubbers will know) it’s not because there isn’t the potential for it. The potential for drama is everywhere. I see bloggers bemoaning their treatment by designers, blogger managers expressing frustration about rude or unrealistic bloggers, designers pulling their hair out about other designers or bloggers.

I’m no oracle, but I do plan on being a wise, old person in time. So my fourpenneth is this… each time you come across a problem and it’s driving you crazy, think… ‘Is this something I’ll give a toss about in 10 years time?’ and if the answer is ‘Probably not’, just get on with your life.

Do what you can do to make it better, say only those things that you must say, but always, always be true to your best self. That’s all we have in the end.

In more traditional news, I wanted to tell you about the Blogger and Vlogger Network’s Springtime Photo Contest! Basically, they partnered with the Take Heart sim to offer you a chance to take a cool photo at the sim in that theme and then submit it (following certain guidelines) on Flickr. The winner gets a 5000l$ Apple Fall Gift Card. Coolio eh? I’m going to have a bash and my entry is the picture below. You can click on it and see it in Flickr and if you fave it, that’s nice and I appreciate it <3. If you don’t, leave me a stinging message saying so and I quietly resent you and haunt you when I die 😀


What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Take Heart
Kimono | Tres Blah – Hope Kimono – Vintage (Collabor88, 8 Apr – 6 May)
Bangle | !APHORISM! Beaded Bangle (Aphorism Mainstore : Aphorism Marketplace)
Glasses | Anachron Catty Sunglasses – Pure Dots (Anachron Marketplace)
Hair | Lamb. Black Honey – Dark Blonde Pack (Collabor88, 8 Apr – 6 May)
Bodysuit | Addams Cristopher Bodysuit with Diamonds [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Bunnies | JIAN Floppy Ear Bunny Collection (Collabor88, 8 Apr – 6 May)


So, Addams brought out the Cristopher Bodysuit with Diamonds for Collabor88 and I’m wearing the version without legs… yes, it comes with sparkly legs too! I wanted something more Springlike and with legs in, it’s more of an ‘on stage’ look 😀 It’s lovely quality and I was stunned by the sparkle with no apparent bling effect. You can choose from various options available via the included HUD, including changing the colour of or removing the sparkly bits!

Jian’s Floppy Ear Bunny Collection is also at Collabor88 and there’s not much cuter than this, except the other bunnies they did… go to C88 and see them all, and woffle your nose in a cute manner while you’re there so as to make them feel comfortable.

Here’s more pics including a well lit, no shit shot…

And finally, let’s do a bunny hop to test out the rigging on this beauty…

4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Bunnyheart

    1. Ah, how you flatter me Marge 😀 I make all the mistakes everybody else does, cus it’s all easy in retrospect innit? You have a wise vibe though ❤

  1. You forgot bloggers moaning about horrible, rude and despotic blogger managers. Oh, and bloggers entering photo contests with no realistic expectation of winning and then moaning when the inevitable happens. I’ve worked that one out now, don’t do photo contests. *Ahem!* This is brought to you today by a Moz on chocolate withdrawal.

    Oh Meri, have you and Thom been watching the TV series Broadchurch? Only it was the conclusion last night which I thought was rubbish… and I want someone to moan with about the daft plotlines. Merci beaucoup mon amie 🙂

    1. Haha, well I may have no chance of winning but sometimes the taking part is enough 😀 (I know you didn’t mean me) but yeah… moan, moan, moan… I guess they must enjoy it a LOT. I’ve not seen the last episode of Broadchurch yet, was so looking forward to it too. I will hit you up for a moan (our turn) when I’ve seen it x

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