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SshSome of you may already be aware, but Strawberry Singh set one of her blogger challenges this week – to try out being a vlogger by making a video talking about your SL, with your actual voice!

As any readers here will realise, I do make a video for my blogs in order for us to check the rigging of the clothing and see how it moves and have done for the last two years, but I don’t generally talk in these videos (well, even saying generally is stretching it, I never talk in them).

I made one as per Strawb’s instructions and burbled on about my SL for about 8 mins (I don’t believe in scripts, so yeah… there are a few uninspired gaps haha). If you want to have a listen, you can find it below ❤

6 thoughts on “ReadMeri | All about Meri

  1. You are a lot braver than me, no way could I chatter away like you have done here (I only ever read the words of others). It was fun to hear about your newbie exploits and to see your home and hear you speak about your Second Life.
    Thank you.
    And you have a perfectly lovely speaking voice, it’s warm and friendly and soooo Meri!

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