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Girls supporting girls

Every so often I come across a slogan that catches my attention and it was the case with this ‘Girls Supporting Girls’ tank by !Aphorism! (details below of course).  It makes me want to explain the way I see it – but there’s so much to ‘it’ that I don’t know if I can in one small blog post. I’m going to try…

Since the dawn of time almost, women and girls have been oppressed. I know, it’s a strong statement – but it’s true. And what makes it worse is that it’s an oppression that has been sanctioned by the Church (and yes I’m talking about pretty much all of the religions out there) and by Governments too.

Marriage, for instance – the romantic union of a little girl’s dreams does not have its roots in romance at all. The reason for marriage was that it was a contract of ownership. The woman from that point belonged to her husband, rather than her father. The contract was exchanged much as it would be if you bought property. Partly, because a woman could not own property in the UK, as in most countries, so she could not inherit. Her husband, therefore, was the one who inherited property, administered it and who had control of the family.

I’m sure some people reading this are wondering why I’m talking about it now, when I sit here not owned by my father or husband, when I am not persecuted for sharing my views (much) and when I’m allowed an education and a job just like any man.

The reason is that it’s not the case throughout the world. Women are still being oppressed and treated as property, girls are going uneducated and the treatment they get as a result of some ‘religions’ includes FGM, or being hanged for having been raped, or for not wanting to be married off to a much older man at 12 or 13 years old.

It makes my blood boil when I hear fortunate and privileged young women say that they are not feminists. The only reason they feel able to say that is that they are okay, they don’t need anybody campaigning on their side. The fact of the matter is, we all need to be feminists until we are all equal. By equal I mean safe, un-persecuted, educated, undamaged and not afraid. We all need chances.

If we, the ones with a voice do not speak up for those women who do not have one, nobody will help them.

Girls supporting Girls is important to me because we need each other and because a helping hand for one person raises each and every one of us up.

You can help on a macro level – through the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative, for instance, or you can do your bit in small ways too. If you see a chance to help another woman or girl, to make her path a little smoother, to offer her a hand up, just do it.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Take Heart
Pose | Artis – The Shame Stand (Artis Marketplace)
Hair | CaTwA Mesh Wet Lucy Hair * (CaTwA Mainstore)
Outfit | !Aphorism! Maya Tank and Panties [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Fameshed, 1-25 May)


It’s worth mentioning that I don’t think Rucy of !Aphorism! was attempting to start a feminist movement with his tank top, but having chosen the slogan himself and liked it, I’m sure he won’t mind at all that I’ve picked it up and run with it. Men can be feminists too! I love this little tank and knickers and you can choose from plain colours (with matching or contrasting edging), this design or another cute design too!

I found that I could wear the panties from the set underneath some shorts (Blueberry ones I put on) and that they fit perfectly and you could see the little cat face poking out over the waistband. Just a hint, no guarantees!

I should also say that the CaTwA hair is an older hair (I think) and it seems to mess a bit with the textures on my mesh head. For this reason, do demo! Well, always demo anyway.

Here’s a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…


And finally, here is a ‘jigging for the rigging’ video. I chose Kylie, I bet she’s a wee tiger about helping other women, I can just tell.

10 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Girls supporting Girls

  1. Well said, Meri. The west still has some issues where other cultures have emigrated, bringing their ideals with them where young girls are forced into marriage with older men. We must not forget the plight of women in less developed nations where women are oppressed mercilessly. I don’t believe that post modern feminism is helped by those in the movement who have adopted extremist beliefs where they have become the very thing they are supposed to oppose. The control of a woman’s right to choose.

    1. Yes, I completely agree with you, in every way Sheree. It’s like for some feminists, the cause of equality and safety for all has been surpassed by their own self… they are not true feminists to me. Being a feminist should be a good thing and we need to reclaim it ❤

      1. I was twenty years old when I first started to think of feminism but I didn’t know what it was or what women thought of it. Now I’m going back to 1990 where most women I spoke with were upset with feminism for being told how to act, how to be sexually active and that they had to work instead of looking after their children or they were being the man’s servant.

        Feminism has been degrading itself over many years. The final nail was delivered when extremists aligned with the Religious Right in seeking to control sexuality among other matters.

        Reclaiming is extremely important. ♥

      2. Very well said Sheree. I think it’s a personal thing (feminism) like faith. I’m glad you’re a person who questions yourself and the world around you. I hope there are many more out there who do the same xx

  2. Well said, Merri. As far as my own spirituality goes, I believe that countries who do not respect their women go down in the Divine’s estimation and are not helped at all in that way.

    1. I think spirituality is a hugely different beast to organised religion. I think our spirituality is what makes us humans the best we can be. Thanks Moz, I agree with your thought… seems like that’s the way it would be. x

  3. Oh reading your blog brought back in my mind what had slept away because myself is feeling so good being an independent woman. Your words are so true. Sadly there are a lot of places in the world where woman treated like property. And we don’t have to go far away for it. So the slogan ‘Girls support Girls’ should wake up everyone to follow it and help that woman get treated as what they should be – equal to men in every opportunity and around the world!

  4. You are so right! In many countries where equal rights for women should be a given now – though in many ways, we’re still not treated equal, really – I seem to even see a regression of feminist ideas. Which is bad. What I also often see (and always hated with a passion) is women not being supportive about each other, but bitchy. There’s a lot of work still to do!

    1. Yesss, you managed to sum up one of the points I failed to make but wanted to so beautifully – women not supporting each other but being bitchy instead. That’s not going to help anybody! Hugs you Sisch! x

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