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Hula Who

I was just about to ask for people’s input on a personal problem on Facebook and I did my best to type it out reasonably fully, and quickly skim read it and realised that I had never seen it written down before and that once I had, I didn’t need to ask. It went like this…

‘My Dad has not been a great father overall and a few years ago his wife decided I wasn’t welcome in their house with my partner, because I was still legally married to the old one, even though we’d acknowledged our separation some years before. He sided with her, citing her as ‘old-fashioned’. It was hard for me to swallow because she had talked to me about her (very) wild life while married in the 70s – and I knew my Dad was no angel, having cheated on my Mum a lot when I was small. I felt they were hypocrites. I’ve not seen him or heard from him for 2 years, aside from Christmas and birthday cards in both directions. I’d offered to meet up with him to talk about it, anywhere he chose aside from his house with his wife, but he wouldn’t meet anywhere else. It’s several hours drive away and I’d have to go alone, feeling like I was going into enemy territory without backup. He has also sent nasty emails to me and – this hurt – to my ex, with whom I’m close friends, just before Christmas one year.’

My question was this… ‘Do I send him a Father’s Day card?’

I’m thinking not. They don’t make cards that say the things I need to say.

So my message of the day is, if you have a conundrum you’re having problems with, write it down and read it as if someone else wrote it. You might find the answer you’re looking for is literally staring you in the face.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Storybrooke Gardens
Pose | BellePoses – Hula Hoop Set (BellePoses Mainstore)
Hair | [elikatira] Other – Brown 05 (elikatira mainstore)
Shoes | L&B Swear Candy Platform Sneaker – unrigged (L&B Mainstore)
Top | Blueberry Babe Top [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Shorts | Blueberry Babe Shorts [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)


So, I was over at my Mum’s house recently and I showed her the main ‘Hula Who?’ picture I intended to use in this blog. She said immediately ‘Oh my God! That bottom!’ and I had to explain about the Blueberry Booty, haha. Of course, in SL, the Blueberry booty options are fairly well known. Blueb gives good butt. I’m happy to share with you the Blueberry Babe Top and Shorts, available as a new release right now at the Blueberry mainstore. Get some Blueberry booty for your cutie patootie.

Here’s some more pictures including a ‘well lit, no shit’


Finally, here is my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video. Sadly I could not hula through the video as the poses are static (wow a moving hula hoop and dance would be so great… but I digress) but I can dance… join me? I have some Vega for you.


10 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Hula Who?

    1. Haha thanks Isa, yes we should set up together. We can start with sentiments such as ‘Sometimes I don’t like you much’ and ‘Blood might be thicker than water, but you’re thicker than a plank’ 😀 Hugs you lovely x

    1. Haha thanks, good to know you do the same Phen, it gives me faith in my ‘process’ 😀 And I can’t claim plaudits for the butt – that’s almost all Blueb ❤ x

  1. No, he’s your dad in name only, a father doesn’t behave like that in any shape or form. He should have told his wife to behave. There’s nowt so annoying as a reformed tart, either.

  2. This may be throwing a wrench in the works but…
    When I have a conundrum along the lines of what you’re talking about I always think, if I don’t call that person or see that person and something happens (like they drop dead) will I regret the choice I’m about to make.
    If you can say nope, I’m cool (and really mean it) then go for it. However I find (when I pose this scenario to people) that most go…oh…wait…uh…
    They’re usually making the decision based on the fact that they may be able to take it back one day but there are those rare times when you can’t, when a truck comes along at the wrong moment and wham!
    I just feel it would be ridiculous to have this painful regret nagging at you for the rest of your life, especially when you were about to tell that person to go jump in a lake.
    Plus I’ve learned that some relationships are one sided (they just are) and even though you’d love to tell the other half off you keep up your end so you can avoid the regret that comes from pretending to hate someone who you really love, deep down. In the end it’s all about selfpreservation.
    Anyway just my two cents.

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