Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | It’s coming

Far and away

Hey hey Tuesday people. How’s it going? I was just thinking about the value of ‘owning’ something. Not, in this case, physical objects, but your own creative process, your own words.

Truth is, I’m a bit of a verification addict. When I see a meme or quote which is attributed to somebody famous, I have the overwhelming urge to go and see if it’s real, if they actually said or wrote that. Most usually, they did not.

I have a lovely FB friend who posted a lovely paragraph meme today about men and it was signed ‘Bob Marley’ but – much as I enjoyed it – it didn’t sound like Bob Marley. It did sound good though. I went searching and what did I find? Well, nothing really. Although there is a proliferation of memes all ascribing it to Bob Marley, it almost definitely wasn’t him. I found a ton of other quotes supposedly by him too, and you can tell at a glance which ones are him and which are not. Fact is, there are no citations for most of these quotes.

So that can mean only one thing. Somebody wrote something worth reading, something wise and interesting that piques the interest of the reader enough to share – maybe. But they didn’t simply share that as their own work, instead they put his name at the bottom to ensure that it went right round the internet.

I’d rather share my thoughts with you and they stay between us, than pretend they are Bob Marley’s or Marilyn Monroe’s and they go viral – and you can quote me on that.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Corlevoli Beach
Pose | (marukin) Bella Looks on my back (marukin Mainstore)
Hair | *TKW* Lifar Hair – Blondes HUD 01 (We ❤ Roleplay)
Dress | [Cynful] Empress Maxi Dress [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Collabor88, til 6 June)
Necklace | [Cynful] Empress Necklace (Collabor88, til 6 June)


Lazy warm evenings spent having a few drinks with friends at a beachside bar, an informal cocktail party or even a backyard BBQ – all suitable places I can wear this super maxi dress from Cynful. Empress is a soft and fluid full length dress with an optional necklace that flows down your back and you can find it at Collabor88 in a wide range of colours – the fatpack is something to behold.

TKW’s Lifar updo is at We ❤ Roleplay now. Even though in RL, I’d make a right mess of a beautiful plaited updo like this, in SL I manage it with ease 😀

Here’s a few more pic, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…



Sadly, I didn’t know I was going to be talking about Bob Marley today or I’d have made a different song choice for my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video. However, I hope you like what I have chosen and join me for a boogie.



3 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | It’s coming

  1. It does amuse me when the phrases that I use or say, get taken up by others. It’s quite difficult to be original nowadays, though, don’t you think? We’ve all seen it and done it and got the various t-shirts.

    1. Well I guess that’s also true, but I meant really that there are people out there saying cool and interesting things but attributing them to someone else 😀 I do love the net for the various peculiarities it shows us x

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