Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | All the lights

All the lights

Hello Thursday people! It’s lovely weather here, the rain from yesterday seems to have departed leaving glorious sunshine, big puffy clouds and a sky so blue and lush I want to wear it.

I’m having quite a fun day so far.  A serious conversation with my ex about our divorce turned into utter hilarity when he confessed his new partner was scared I would lure him back to me 😀

I’m such a lurer, haha. No, seriously, I’m very much not a lurer and he’s not a luree and the whole thing is laughable, so we did. Poor woman, it’s not good to feel that way and I wish there was something I could do to reassure her. I’m thinking maybe a selfie of me holding a pic of my ex and miming shoving my fingers down my throat might do it. Joking aside, he’s a great guy and she has nothing to worry about.

You got to take the laughs when they come, folks, cus it can be a really sodden and grey world without them.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Rollerballs
Poses | Embody Pose Pack – Derby (Embody Mainstore)
Outfit | BESOMxREIGN Derby Set, details below* (Rewind! A Throwback Event, til 10 June)

*Details of outfit from gacha:

REIGN. Derby Skates w/torn stockings – stripe – Mait #20
REIGN. Derby Skates Bag #13
REIGN. Derby Skates Animated – Mait
REIGN. Derby Kneepads – Mait
REIGN. Tilted Derby Helmet
BESOMxREIGN. Derby Babe Hair #2 RARE (incl helmet above)
REIGN. Derby Shorts – Mait
REIGN. Derby Babe Top – Mait
REIGN. Runman – Mait #12
REIGN. Elbow Pads – Mait


You know, Roller Discos were very much of my time. In fact, Roller anything was of my time. When I was about 15, in the late 80s, everybody was on Bauer skates (well, except me cus I didn’t have any, but I borrowed some a few times). I had some normal roller boots and used to go to the local sports hall for a roller disco one Friday a month. I’m disappearing down memory lane here folks, but this set really brought it all back to me.

Besom partnered with Reign to produce this amazing set which includes, well, everything… hair, helmet, clothes, rollerboots, socks, bag, walkman (do they still call them that? No? Ok) You can getcha gacha at Rewind! The 80s themed event open right now for your delight.

Here’s some snapshots including a ‘well lit, no shit’. I’ve also popped the gacha key in there so you can see what else is available (I couldn’t wear it all, obviously!) and I apologise for having my eyes shut on my mugshot, I was tired after all that skating.


Here is my video… it’s a change from the norm today because I wanted to skate (obviously) but I had to film it backwards with me coming towards the camera, because if I didn’t, it’d just be a butt movie, and nobody wants that. So yes, that’s my reason for a slightly shaky video at times, cus I was actually steering while filming without seeing where I was going!


6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | All the lights

    1. Aww thanks Phen. I wasn’t a natural but I could even skate backwards by the time I finished doing it and got more interested in something else unproductive – oh yes, boys. That was it 😀

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