Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | A packet of crisps too?

And a packet of crisps

I saw something on my RL FB today that made me laugh. I rarely sign in there at all, it’s not something I generally enjoy but I saw something a girl I went to school with had posted and it made me proper LOL…

She (we’ll call her Mary) talked about how she was on her lawn doing something and a woman walked towards her with a leaflet in her hand. Mary said ‘That better not be for the Conservatives” and the woman said it was. The Conservative leaflet dropper was then informed that they were all disgusting and horrible specimens of humanity and seen off with with ‘Now get off my fucking property’.  Mary then finished up her post by saying ‘I didn’t even swear’ with no trace of irony 😀

What to wear in Second Life today?

Skin | ::Modish:: Vega, 2 of 5 shades & lipsticks [Catwa/Omeg] (Powder Pack Catwa – May)
Pose | Drunk Panda Sofa Grey w Animations, rug & table (Limit8, til 6 June)
Hair | *TKW* Ozuna – Blondes HUD 01 (Tres Chic, til 5 June)
Glasses | Anachron – Catty Sunglasses – Red Lipstick Dots (Anachron Mainstore)
Shoes | [VALE KOER] Vasiform M+F Group Gift [Mait/Sli/TMP/Unrig] (Vale Koer Mainstore)
Top | Vinyl – Fletcher Pocket Tank [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (N21, til 12 June)
Shorts | Vinyl – Tirio Sports Shorts [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (N21, til 12 June)


Vinyl has two new adorable releases for N21’s current round. The Fletcher Pocket tank comes with one plain and one textured option per colour pack, or if you get the fatpack you get them all. The textures are puppies in your pocket – how lovely is that?

Drunk Panda has some poseable decor out at Limit8. There is a sofa (two options), a rug and a table for your living room in a variety of colour options. The sofas are packed with singles and couples animations, so why not go over and give it a try.

Modish’s selection for Powder Pack includes 5 complete skins colours (Omega appliers included), 2 Fair, 2 Tan and 1 Dark, with a choice of brow colours/no brow option and 10 lipsticks. You can find out all about Powder Pack for Catwa and Lelutka heads on the link given.

I did a little vlog on it, cus I thought you’d like to see the skin colour options.

And here are some more pics, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…

And finally, here is the jigging for the rigging video. Let’s shake dem booties.



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