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Play with me

Hey Bloggy buds. I hope you had a good weekend. It was a Bank Holiday here in the UK, so I didn’t post yesterday. Of course, being a Bank Holiday Monday, it rained. It had been glorious on the days leading up to it so I’m sure there were many damp and disgruntled BBQ’ers yesterday.

I spent a few hours driving around the countryside in the rain looking for the ‘Book donation sites’ bragged about on the Oxfam site. I was getting rid of a very large amount of books (… I know, don’t even ask, it pains me…) and definitely didn’t want them ‘recycled’ in the way that the name implies. I wasn’t interested in having them made into mulch and then into toilet roll. I wanted them to go to new homes where they’d be loved and hopefully, the resale of them might do someone some good. So yes, it had to be charity and it had to be Oxfam (as they were the only ones offering book banks) and it had to be yesterday in the rain.

Of course, if you’ve ever loaded a car with a lot of stuff in the rain, you’ll already know how it steams up the inside of the car windows making visibility almost impossible. And even though it was rainy, the temperature outside wasn’t that cold, but nevertheless, I had the blowers on 30 degrees so that I could see to drive. Cosy.

It wasn’t fun, I have to admit. The first one I tried, the Satnav proudly announced ‘you have arrived at your destination’ and my destination looked like some quiet country road with a killer waiting in the bushes – absolutely no Oxfam donation point at all. The second was looking the same until I sussed it must be in the Waitrose car park half a mile back and hurrah it was. It was also overfull, and so the bags of books had to be left just outside the bin.

Yes, I’ve spent the night worrying about the books… will the plastic bags protect the pages from damp? Will a group of kids find the bags and throw the books around and ruin them? Will Oxfam actually turn out to empty the book bank and take my books away too? Will anybody love them as I did?

I’ll never know… unless I go back today.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Corlevoli Beach
Pose | Lorien Summer Ball Poses (Lorien Mainstore)
Skin | Atelier Pepe – Emily Head Applier 1 of 4 [Catwa] (Powder Pack Catwa – May)
Hair | Truth – Miriam Light Blondes (Truth Mainstore)
Swimsuit | BUENO Swimsuit – Island [Frey/Isis/HG/Fitmesh] (Uber, til 23 June)


There is a choice of 19 colours and textures from Bueno for the lovely new release swimsuit for Uber. How much did I love it? Well, indeed I loved it a lot! I’m wearing the ‘fitmesh’ size which is spot on for my Maitreya Lara. I’m pretty sure the fitmesh size is always for the Maitreya when you are considering any Bueno purchase. I dunno why they don’t say so, but maybe it’s the best kept secret in blogdom? Oops, it’s definitely out now.

This is my final post from the wondrous Powder Pack for Catwa this month. May was a fine month with 5 skin head appliers, make-ups and little modifications like eyes, brows and moles. Although I suffered a mild irritation at not having a body skin applier in this pack from Atelier Pepe, I did manage to make a passable match with my Lara Hurley Maitreya applier HUD for these pictures and since have been and picked up the body skin from the Atelier Pepe mainstore. It was only about 250l$ for the body applier in-store and the major challenge there was identifying which colour I should buy. Hopefully the owner will read this and be able to number her skins or give more demos or something (there were only two demo skin colours I found), cus I bought it on a wing and a prayer and thankfully ended up with the right one.

On the very up side though, it’s so gorgeous. I love the mouth, I love the delicate detail.  Go go Atelier Pepe! Go Powder Pack! Go Me!

Here are some more pics, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot and a peek at the Atelier Pepe Head skin HUD included in May’s Catwa Powder Pack…

And finally, here is the jigging for the rigging video. There’s nothing more summery than the sounds of the Beach Boys, so let’s go way back 🙂 ❤



2 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Play with me

    1. Haha I replied first thinking you mean at the beach… you meant at the Oxfam book and music bins – no I believe they’re quite strict on what you can leave where and also, what you can get through the slot. Maybe if the kids are quite small 😀

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