Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Biting at the air

Biting at the Air

Oops I overslept. I woke to the sounds of the supermarket delivery man knocking on my door, glanced at the time and noticed two things.

  1. I had overslept by about 2 hours – I must have forgotten to set an alarm, and…
  2. He was ten minutes early for his ‘slot’.

I dashed out of bed, along the landing, into the bathroom (which overlooks the front garden) and wrapped a towel around myself before crying an innocent ‘Hello?’ from the bathroom window. He steps back and looks up. I apologise for being in the bathroom and ask if he’s a bit early, he apologises and agrees. He says he’ll come back and gets back in his van and drives away.

I breathe a sigh of relief and begin my ablutions. I’d just about finished those, seven and a half minutes later and the van draws up again. Gah. I was hoping he’d gone to do someone else’s delivery, not just park up the street. I ran back to my room, quickly got dressed, getting very tangled in my bra while shouting ‘I’m coming, just a minute’ as he knocks repeatedly at my front door. My jubblies get uncaringly slammed into position like Paul Hollywood making pizza dough.

I finally answer, looking – no doubt – like a woman who wasn’t merely in the bathroom co-incidentally when he arrived, but one who was in bed, sleeping like a baby and has had to rush around to appear human at the door. And then only just. My hair is a fuzzball of unexpected early morning stress.

I then unpack the shopping and find the quiche I’ve ordered for tonight’s dinner for two is actually smaller than a Wagon Wheel. I am confused…


… until I realise upon checking that I have ordered a mini one for the price of a large one, practically, because I didn’t pay sufficient attention at the time of ordering. Fark.

All this only really drives one point home. I’m not cut out for this… I need to take me a wife 😀

What to wear in Second Life today?

Set | BUENO – Little Boxes Gacha – Electric Hall (Kustom9, til 10 July)
Skin | Atelier Pepe – Mimi – Head Appliers 1 of 4 [Catwa] (Powder Pack Catwa – June)
Eyeshadow | #adored – get blazed shadows – totes faded edition [Catwa/Omeg] (Powder Pack Catwa – June)
Lashes | Izzie’s Catwa Applier Lashes [Catwa] (Powder Pack Catwa – June)
Boots | Blueberry Craven Sharp Heels Boots [Mait/Sli/Bell] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Hair/Hat | *Besom – New Girl – Blondes HUD (Besom Mainstore : Besom Marketplace)
Swimsuit | Addams Halter Swimsuit [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Collabor88, til 6 July)


Well, first of all I want to talk to you about Addams Halter Swimsuit which is out now for sale at Collabor88. It’s a lovely fit and it seems too elegant and bejeweled to actually get it wet. You can get it in a choice of colours, of course, and then use the provided HUD to alter stone colours and accents. Dee-licious.

Bueno has an intriguing and lovely gacha at Kustom9 this round. It’s called ‘Little Boxes’ and as well as containing some sky boxes, it also contains some hallways like the one shown which are great for taking photographs. Go have a dip and see what you get!

It’s also the start of my reviews for June’s Catwa Powder Pack – Yay! Do you remember when you were a kid and you had a Girl’s World doll head so that you could play with make up? Yeah… well this is like you imagined that would be, but on the doll they all ended up looking like Robert Smith of The Cure, but with Powder Pack, you really can create different looks on your head – and they’re good looks too!

Atelier Pepe Catwa Head Skin appliers come in Light, Spring, Summer and Toffee shades with a choice of two eyebrows. I’m showing Light here because it matches the body skin I already owned from there.

#adored’s get blazed shadows come in 9 colour choices including reds, orange, yellows, blue, purple, pink and black.

Izzie’s Catwa Applier Lashes come with a choice of 6 upper lashes and 6 lower lashes so you can mix and match depending on your look.

Ok you didn’t need to read all that if you can watch the little video I did to demonstrate those products… you can? Great! Let’s chat about make-up.


And here are some more pictures, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…

And now, time for the second video – jigging for the rigging. We are Beautiful – We are doomed ❤





6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Biting at the air

  1. Side boobies are cool! Hehe! For a very short stint, I once worked as a content writer in a company that specializes in Second Life. During that time, I could never figure out what the business is all about. Hehehe!

      1. Nah, it had a short stint as well; it closed down only a year after operating. I actually forgot what it was except that it was run by a Japanese. I guess SL, at that time, was virtually unknown in the Philippines.

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