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Wrong Number

Addams are celebrating their 3rd birthday in Second Life and I wanted to talk about them a little from my own point of view and take a look back at my history with them. A long while ago… at the beginning of 2015, I went on a trip around some mainstores. I found Addams store and wandered around trying some mesh demos and bought a couple of items. I was seriously impressed. It led me to do something I only do rarely and haven’t done for ages and that is notecard the owner and say ‘I love your stuff, you’re awesome. If you are ever looking for bloggers, I’d love to blog for you’.

I thought it was cheeky, but honest. I had already bought some stuff and if they didn’t want me to blog for them, I’d have happily carried on buying stuff and probably blogged it anyway, but still… it had that feeling of a place you wanted to be on board with. I wanted to be a part of how Addams grew and developed.

In return, I got an invited to be a blogger, which made my day and since have blogged pretty much every item they have released. I’m proud of that, it’s great to see how their designs, fits and amazing little extras have developed. I think (if my Flickr is to be believed) that this will be my 149th blog for them, which is an average of 5 blogs per month for this lovely brand.

Happy 3rd Birthday Addams – may you flourish for many more! And thank you for allowing me to blog for you for all this time, I’ll continue to do my very best for as long as you’ll have me ❤

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Baja Norte
Pose | Le Poppycock – Perfect World (Le Poppycock Mainstore)
Glasses | CandyMetal Pin Up Sunglasses Orange – store no longer open
Hair | RunAway Hair – Nicole Blondes HUD (Hair Fair 2017, til 16 July)
Top | NEW! Addams Long Sleeved Crop Top (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Skirt | Addams Amy Long Skirt with opt Belt (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)


So, Addams released this lovely long-sleeved crop top at their mainstore. It’s a simple HUD. You can have any colour pretty much on the main part of the body and then, if you wish, a contrasting edging. The fit is awesome, I’ve not fallen out of it once! It washes really well too and you don’t have to iron it.

To celebrate their birthday, Addams are doing various celebratory offers over the course of this month. I’m popping their key to what’s happening when in my pictures below. I think it’s 40% off fatpacks right now, so yeah… shopping time!

I’m also sharing RunAway’s second hair at the Hair Fair 2017 (from my blog). It’s called Nicole and I love it from every angle. It comes with a hairstyling HUD, as with the last hair I showed you. You can have hair at the front each side, one side only (either), or all back over your shoulders. The style and details are beautiful.

Here’s some more pics, including a well lit no shit shot…

Finally, because I didn’t think of the Cure song until I posted this blog (doh!) I didn’t put it in my jigging for the rigging video. What a missed chance! What a great tune! Ah well… it’s still good. I’ve changed recorders too, so would appreciate your input on video quality etc.

What do you think?

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