A short break

Dear blog readers, thanks for dropping by the blog. My fight to keep a balance between RL and SL has failed for the present and I’m going to have to leave off the blogging for a wee while. I’m probably only talking a week or so and I do hope you’ll still come back when I do!

Stay gorgeous ❤

14 thoughts on “A short break

  1. Hey Meri, do you know what? I find myself missing you any your unique brand of quirkiness. I do so hope everything is okay. And I mean that. It’s a weird situation isn’t it… to be thinking of someone you don’t know yet sorta think you do a teeny bit based on reading what they share from afar…ah… I suck at writing messages 😉 Whatever is going on. You’ll get through it. We always do, one way or another x

    1. 🙂 yeah it is weird and I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same way. Things are going okay, just so very real. And thank you for being a friend, however it came by us x

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